New Silent Hill games: everything we know (and want to see)

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen anything from the Silent Hill series, a full decade has passed since Silent Hill: Book of Memories was released on Vita – and an almost unbelievable eight years since PT gave the fans are hoping for the Silent Hills reboot directed by Hideo Kojima. Now, however, it looks like we might finally be returning to Konami’s legendary horror series, and it might be with multiple games. Here’s what we know – including the rumors – about the future of the Silent Hill franchise, plus what we hope to see as we head into Summer Game Fest and other Not-E3 events in June.

Several games?

Despite being on ice for so long, it looks like the Silent Hill franchise will return with not one, but several different games. Assuming the reports on these games are accurate, Konami seems to be catering to several different types of gamers through these titles rather than trying to produce a game that can appeal to all of them.

According to Grubbsnax Host Jeff Grubbwho corroborated a Posting on Twitter From user NateTheHate2, there’s a new Silent Hill main game in development, though details about it are scarce at this time. The two also say that other “side stories” are also in development, as is a full remake of Silent Hill 2. a timed console exclusive to PlayStation, according to these reports.

Familiar faces

Reports indicate that Bloober Team is creating the remake of Silent Hill 2. The studio has a well-established track record in horror and psychological thriller games, including The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch. For his part, studio CEO Piotr Babieno declined to comment on the information during an interview with IGN, but at least seemed to entertain the idea that it was true. The Bloober team has confirmed that they are working with Konami on Something last year, but did not specify what that would be beyond “existing and new IP addresses”.

According to VGC, one of the projects underway is an episodic series of shorter games, and this was at one point discussed with developer Supermassive before the studio made its The Dark Pictures anthology games instead. At this point, it’s unclear which studio – if any – is actively developing these games.

Least seems to be known about Silent Hill’s next mainline game. The series has varied quite wildly over the years, ranging from the classic early survival horror gameplay to the more combat-focused Homecoming.

And it looks like there’s actually a fourth game in development, though it’s unclear if we’ll ever play it. Grubb said he heard it was a spin-off project, possibly for mobile devices, made in Taiwan. However, Grubb pointed out that if it’s a mobile spin-off, there’s a chance it could be canceled before development is complete. We’ve seen it with similar projects tied to other major franchises like Titanfall, so it’s best not to get too excited for this game just yet.

It’s not abandoned

One thing we know for sure is that Abandoned – the possible vaporware horror game first announced on the PlayStation Blog in 2021 – is not Silent Hill. Rumors almost immediately began that the vague teaser for the horror game was actually a resurrection of the franchise produced by Kojima, sometimes encouraged by the developer. Tweets from Blue Box Game Studios. However, it’s not a Moby Dick Game Studios and Joakim Mogren situation this time around: Kojima isn’t involved, and Abandoned isn’t and never was a Silent Hill game.

What we want to see from Silent Hill

Someone redid the Silent Hills PT in Dreams

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So what do we want to see from a new Silent Hill game? What would we look like even after such a long absence for the series? And we’re not going to take the easy way out by just saying “revive PT”.

First, Konami would be wise to consider a clean break from the characters and storylines of previous games. Capcom almost did that completely with Resident Evil 7 before reintroducing some past characters to Resident Evil Village, but there also wasn’t a huge gap between games like there is for Silent Hill. It appeared Kojima was set to do just that with Silent Hills, as the Norman Reedus character was new, and PT was different enough to make his reveal as a Silent Hill game a surprise.

That doesn’t mean the past should be completely forgotten, of course. The titular Silent Hill could still be the setting, and Pyramid Head is such an iconic foe that omitting the character would be unconscionable.

True survival horror games have had a big resurgence over the past few years, ditching the happy-go-lucky gunfight formula that Resident Evil fell for a while in favor of tense atmospheric exploration. Combat still exists in modern horror games, of course, but the emphasis on resource management and getting a way of danger rather than confronting it directly makes for a more terrifying horror game. Especially with a series like Silent Hill, which has largely focused on everyday people rather than special agents and cops, this approach makes a lot of sense.

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