New Xbox Game Pass releases include 4 games just released today

Microsoft has added six games to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, five of which are available on all three versions of the subscription service: cloud, console and PC. Meanwhile, one of those games is actually three games in one, which means Xbox Game Pass subscribers technically have eight new games to enjoy, four of which are brand new releases just released today. today, that is, they are the first versions of the Xbox Game Pass.

None of the new additions are from Xbox itself, so these are just temporary additions. That said, how temporary, we don’t know. Xbox does not provide any type of information regarding how long the games below will be available through the subscription service. As long as each game is available through the subscription service, it is also available for purchase, for subscribers, at a 20% discount.

Below, you can read more about each game and also check out a trailer for each game:

Rainbow Six Mining: “For decades, Team Rainbow has been the shield against the worst global threats imaginable. Now we face the greatest terror yet: a deadly, mutated alien parasite.”

Windbreaker 2: “The best flying disc game of all time is back! With incredible hand-drawn graphics, crazy new moves, gameplay mechanics and awesome new characters and stages, Windjammers 2 is the sequel you’ve been dreaming of. “

Hitman Trilogy: “Access all three games in the World of Assassination trilogy. Embark on a globe-trotting adventure and become Agent 47 in the ultimate spy thriller story in over 20 locations. Unleash your creativity, hunt down your targets and enjoy unparalleled freedom of choice in meticulously detailed sandboxes across the world.”

The Gate of Death: “Harvesting the souls of the dead and knocking a clock can get monotonous, but it’s honest work for a crow. The work comes alive when your assigned soul is stolen and you must hunt down a desperate thief in a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far after they expire.”

Pupperazi: ” Put your love for puppies to the test – we’ve got a bunch of dogs that need a photo shoot, go ahead! Photograph and catalog the prettiest (and dumbest) dogs to build your career , improve your camera and discover new dogs. WOOF .”

Rainbow Six Siege (PC): “Master the art of destruction and gadgetry in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Experience intense close-quarters combat, high lethality, tactical decision-making, team play, and explosive action in every moment. Experience new era of fierce combat and expert strategy born from the rich legacy of previous Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games.”

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