Night Stalker, Netflix’s thriller TV series based on “Richard Ramirez”


Night Stalker is the new real crime series coming to Netflix. Let’s briefly share about this exciting upcoming series. Recently, Netflix released the trailer for the thriller Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer. What makes it even more impactful are the tales of survivors, who didn’t have the courage to speak out about all of the scariest murders. The title looks much more interesting. Night Stalker is a series based on the real events of a series of crimes that took place in the city of Los Angeles. The series relates to the life of the evil man Richard Ramirez, also known as the “Night Stalker”. ‘LOCK YOUR DOORS’ is the exact reaction one gets after watching the trailer for Netflix’s new documentary series.

He was known for serial murders in the mid-1980s. He terrorized Los Angeles from 1984 to 1985 with numerous murders and assaults and the like. It was “A Summer of Fear” in American history as the man killed innocent people from June through August without any suspicious motive behind the attacks. Never before in this city’s criminal history has a single killer been responsible for such horrific crimes. The victims were men, women and children. They ranged from children aged 6 to 82. Therefore, no one was safe.

The new Netflix series divided into four parts. There are first-person interviews who were the eye victims of the murders, photographs, actual footage of the murders, etc. The series is about how evil the man was that he cruelly killed innocent and unsuspected people. He uses weapons like handguns, hammer, tire iron, knives, etc. The series will launch on Netflix with release on January 13, 2021.

Richard Ramirez and his lawyers

The four-part series is produced by Tim Walah, Russell, Aaran Saidman, Eli Holzman and directed by Tiller Russell. The co-producers are Greg Tillman, David Holthouse and Paul-Michel. The cast star of the series is still causing suspense. It appears that the people involved in the project are actual victims presented on screen to describe their experience at that time. Survivors of the attack, the general population and the town’s crime fighters eventually apprehended the criminal. This case is well documented and the plot is based on the exact events that took place 36 years ago.

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The trailer gave all of the murders more suspense, and it will surely be more interesting and thrilling to watch the mystery behind all of the incidents. From the search for prey to brutal death, the series is a real eye-catcher. I have to say that you will feel the real thrill watching the series. It will be interesting but scary. The documentary film will surely give you goosebumps!

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