“Paradys”, by Keshet International, Quizzical, wins the Mania Series

Ticking several boxes, and a competition favourite, “Paradys” won the Series Mania Forum Best Project award on Tuesday night, the industry’s biggest hit at one of Europe’s biggest TV festivals.

A mystery novel ‘Paradys’ is produced by Quizzical Pictures of South Africa and Keshet International, which is also handling international distribution. The project was pitched to Series Mania by Quizzical producer Nimrod Geva and creator-writer Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

Endowed with a cash prize of €50,000 ($55,000), the prize marks a triumph for Keshet International’s ever-expanding production reach and for Johannesburg-based Quizzical Pictures, which is part of the production scene. booming premium series in South Africa and a Rose D’Or winning production. company for “Hopeville”.

The series is also the first from South Africa selected for the Forum’s Co-Pro Pitching Sessions, its industry showpiece.

Also created by Anton Visser and executive produced by Avi Nir for Keshet International, “Paradys” lights up two black police officers called in to investigate a brutal murder in Paradys, the last whites-only enclave in South Africa, a town in the dry northwest bush country on the banks of the Orange River.

“They must work together to navigate an upside-down world of shifting allegiances, doomsday cults, and covert interference from the American alt-right to finally uncover a truth that is neither black nor white,” the synopsis reads. .

“Paradys” is described by its creators as a “tense, character-driven murder mystery”.

“As South Africans who lived through apartheid, we are shocked at how much the future of the Western world is beginning to resemble our country’s past,” Geva said. Variety when the series was announced.

He continued, “We are powerfully drawn to examining racism and identity, how good people do bad things, how forgiveness can be a double-edged sword and what happens when people try to isolate themselves from others. We want to tell a moving, exciting and thrilling story that challenges the easy answers.

“The project was presented with passion and precision. Although the setting is local, we believe the story, its themes and characters will also resonate with audiences outside of South Africa,” said Antony Root, Executive Vice President and Head of the original production, WarnerMedia EMEA, president of CoPro Pitching Sessions.

“The country is well known for the high quality of international productions that shoot there. Seeing the same standards applied to a distinctive and ambitious local project will be very exciting,” he added, saying the jury’s decision was unanimous.

“We are thrilled to honor this series which encompasses intriguing locations, complex characters, and timely and relevant issues. I am confident that this series will soon find the perfect partners,” said Laurence Herszberg, Founder and CEO of Series Mania.

More than the prize money itself, a presentation and victory at the Series Mania Forum is a big boost for any title in arguably Europe’s most prestigious series project forum.

Series featured at the Forum include last year’s Mania series winner ‘Blackport’, as well as ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘The Head’ from The Mediapro Studio and last year’s winner ‘Red Rainbow’ from the Ukrainian producer Alexander Rodnyansky.

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