rafi: Rafi from Chakkappazham on his debut as a digital director with the web series “24 hours”: Directing is a whole different ball game

The actor of Chakkappazham Rafi has fortunately taken a new step in his career. The actor recently made his directorial debut with the web miniseries ’24 Hours’. Speaking to ETimes TV about his new venture, the actor shared that it was a completely diverse experience.

“I realized that directing is a whole different ball game. I can’t thank the directors who stood by my side and shaped me as a better actor. A director’s talent to do of someone a good actor is commendable. Now when I’m in that chair, I can clearly understand their hard work and effort, ”he said.

’24 Hours’, the comedy thriller deals with the life of a group of friends. What happens in the characters’ lives over a 24 hour period and how incidents tie them together form the crux of the story. Rafi’s friends, who are popular on social media with their viral videos, Shamkumar, Aneesh and others are the main cast of the series. The first episode of the series crossed 3 lakh more views in the week following the premiere.

“I do this as a dedication to my friends, who are the backbone of my career. They pushed me to make videos online and it made me a TV actor now. It’s my humble effort. to give them something back and to sharpen my skills, “he added.

Social media sensation Rafi became a household name for Malayalam TV audiences after his stint on the sitcom, ‘Chakkappazham’. The youngster, who struggled to help his family make ends meet by working on construction sites and doing several other odd jobs, often shares that he hasn’t played in his wildest dreams. However, his character Sumesh now enjoys a large following on social media.

Recently, Rafi won the Kerala State TV Awards for second best actor.

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