Randall Okita’s ‘See For Me’ (2021): A Home Invasion Thriller – Film Review

by Randall Okita see for me is about a blind teenage skier named Sophie (Skyler Davenport) who must fend off robbers while keeping a cat in a somewhat remote wealthy home. It’s an interesting story because it takes its title from an app she uses. See For Me allows a professional to communicate with Sophie to help her navigate the strange house. This is both the film’s strength and potentially a source of detectable weaknesses. However, let’s not start looking at the flaws. Let’s first consider the right elements for see for me.

What works in see for me

To begin with, I appreciate that the characters of see for me all have different personalities. They are in a viewer’s company for a short time, but they don’t necessarily look like stock characters. Sophie isn’t even the friendliest person, frankly. An audience might primarily identify with her through her horrific experiences, but wouldn’t necessarily want her as a neighbor, as her personality is a bit flawed.

Personally, I love the fact that nobody in this movie is a perfect, goody-two-shoes. There are really only characters who are less bad. Example: When Sophie is on the phone with her boyfriend, Cam (Keaton Kaplan), he tries to talk her out of stealing home. This puts the viewer on their toes. We know that even though Sophie is trying to evade the thieves, she’s not 100% above the law either. If landlord Debra (Laura Vandervoort) finds out about Sophie’s possible intentions, it could lead to police involvement, or at least her firing. Besides, who’s going to believe a thief? Another core strength in see for me is I just have to say it’s not boring. At no point did I feel like the movie was starting to really drag, which can happen in even good horror movies.

Possible reviews of see for me

Navigating around the house and avoiding criminals with an app is a risky prospect. There were times when, frankly, it felt like I needed to suspend disbelief. Sophie communicates quite often with her assistant, Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and it seems like the thieves would hear her over and over again. It’s more obvious when Sophie overhears that someone is following her. Yes, the woman is visually impaired, but does that mean she has super-silence where thieves can’t hear her at all? Again, this is just a minor detail and doesn’t really subtract from the film.

Honestly, I also thought more could have been done with the spacious house. People decided to break in and rob the place because it was an affluent, mansion-like setting. Trying to run in such a spacious area might have offered more places to hide. So to a lesser extent, I think it lacked a fun “cat and mouse” type action. Do not mistake yourself; there’s definitely some of that, and it’s still good for what it is, but it looked like some exciting opportunities were sidelined. However, I might be being too critical here.

Other good things

Every time someone makes a film about a disabled person, they can be accused of creating a crude exploitation film. However, at no time was this film presented that way. see for me don’t see anyone either. He’s not pretending someone with no sight is just a “brave” person by putting Sophie on a pedestal. Remember that Sophie is portrayed as a normal, flawed human being, which adds subtle depth and tension to the story. Yet, because she is relatively normal, it is easier to root her.

I also appreciate the complex situation that emerges from Sophie’s 911 call. When Deputy Brooks (Emily Piggford) shows up, Sophie ends up needing to trick the officer because her discovery of the truth could turn deadly. While see for me will probably just be a standalone movie, I’d say it’s worth watching. Plus, even though it’s a thriller and all that, it seems like the average family can watch it without it feeling too awkward. While I might like trashy, violent movies, I also like watching stuff like that sometimes, and maybe you do too. see for me also stars Matthew Gouveia, Joe Pingue and Kim Coates.

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