Rockstar Games Pays Tribute to Ray Liotta’s Role in GTA: Vice City

Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta dies aged 67

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Following the sudden death of actor Ray Liotta, Rockstar Games honored him for his work in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Liotta died yesterday (May 26) at the age of 67. Reportedly he died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic where he was filming the thriller Dangerous waters.

Following news of his passing, Rockstar Games paid tribute to the actor and his work.

The actor was cast as the voice of video game protagonist Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto Vice City released in 2002.

Vercetti was the first of the characters in the game franchise to have full dialogue and was a cult favorite among gamers.

In tribute to Liotta’s work, Rockstar Games tweeted an image of Vercetti’s character and praised the “legendary actor”.

They wrote: “Rest in peace Ray Liotta, legendary actor and iconic voice of Tommy Vercetti.”

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It was among many tributes offered in light of the actor’s sudden death, including a heartbreaking statement from Freedmen co-starring Lorraine Bracco.

In Liotta’s illustrious acting career, he is perhaps best known for his performance in the 1990 crime classic Freedmen directed by Martin Scorsese. Liotta has also acted in famous films, including cop lands and Field of Dreams.

Godfather Actor James Caan called a Twitter follower a “rat” after he responded to his tribute to the late actor.

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