September 11 Mystery & Thriller Books to read

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I know most of September is considered summer since the summer season technically ends on September 22nd – and I’m 100% for as many pool months as possible – but my brain has always equated it to the early fall. Maybe because of the start of the school year? Who knows. But I feel like this line where summer meets fall needs a new stack of mystery and thriller books (to be fair, I think everything and every time needs a new stack of books). And I’m here to tell you about some of the new stuff this month.

It looks like a quieter month of releases and there are very limited editions by authors of color in September that* dazzle publishing, JCO and Patterson.

I’ve put together some great releases and many different subgenres, tones, and reads for all kinds of mystery readers. I have a legal thriller that tackles a very moving case, a cozy librarian-headed mystery, a collection of short stories with an excellent list of contributors, a decades-old unsolved mystery, a group of female assassins, a killer in fictional series, a grieving sister interviewing everyone present at her brother’s murder, the last Murder Thursday club, and more!

Next of Kin by Kia Abdullah

For fans of legal thrillers who tackle really tough cases. The court case in this book is a charge of negligent manslaughter: Leila Syed was supposed to drop her nephew off at daycare, but due to a distracting and urgent phone call from work, she ends up leaving him in her car on the hottest day of the day. year.

South Central Noir cover image

South Central Noir (Akashic Noir series) edited by Gary Phillips

Short story collections are great for when you want to do some reading where you can dive in when needed or even when you want to find new authors. Fourteen stories bring South Central LA to life – from some of the best crime writers like Steph Cha, Naomi Hirahara and Antananarivo Due.

cover image for Murder Out of Character

Murder Out of Character (Peach Coast Library Mystery #2) by Olivia Matthews

For cozy mystery fans who love librarian tracks! Marcella (Marvie) Harris moved from Brooklyn to Georgia to work in a library at the start of the series. Now, while getting used to life in a small town on the Peach Coast, she comes across a list of names at an event at the library, including the name of an alleged murder victim. Being a cozy mystery, the list is obviously a “these homies are in danger!” list and Marvie better find out who’s behind it and why… If you want to start from the beginning, choose Murder by Page One.

cover image for All That Is Unsaid

Anything Not Said by Tracey Lien

I’ve seen people say this is for Celeste Ng and Steph Cha fans, so SOLD and SOLD. Ky Tran lives with the guilt of telling his parents to let his brother Denny go out to celebrate his high school graduation with friends because he ends up murdered. Although the restaurant in Cabramatta, in the Sydney suburbs, had a dozen people when Denny was murdered, they all claim to have seen nothing. Ky does not accept this and decides to find each witness herself to talk to them to find out what really happened that night.

cover of Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn, showing a red graphic of a hand wearing a delicate white bracelet while holding a black knife

Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn

If you want a fun and clever assassin book, this is one of my favorite reads of the year. Billie, Mary Alice, Helen and Natalie were recruited in the 70s by an organization that eliminates dangerous and powerful people from all over the world. Now they are in their 60s and discovering that they may not be able to choose between retiring or continuing as assassins because they are being struck down. All four women are trained slayers and absolutely don’t go down without a fight… And if you haven’t already read Raybourn’s historical mystery series Veronica Speedwell, go for it!

cover image for Creep

Creep: A Love Story by Lygia Day Peñaflor

Holy Family High School has a popular couple: Laney Villanueva and Nico Fiore. Rafi is obsessed with them. She wants to be their friend. She wants to feel loved and accepted. And so she looks at them. Stalk them. Until slowly they start welcoming him, and his obsession only grows…

The Killing Code cover image

The Death Code by Ellie Marney

For fans of fictional serial killers and historical mysteries! Kit Sutherland is recruited as a code breaker at Arlington Hall during World War II when she ends up hunting a murderer. It seems government girls are being brutally murdered, so Kit teams up with other code breakers to figure out what’s going on and who’s responsible…

Bonus: I loved Marney’s latest crime novel, None Shall Sleep.

cover image for I am the girl

I’m Courtney Summers’ daughter

For Sadie fans, this time a story from the headlines. Just note that even though Sadie kept the graphics off the page, I am the girl does not. Sixteen-year-old Georgia Avis is obsessed with becoming an Aspera girl. Her mom worked at the members-only resort and after once making a comment Georgia couldn’t do, that’s all she ever wanted to do – kids, right? Now that her mother is dead, her older brother takes care of her. Her life takes an even darker turn when she discovers the body of a teenage girl. She was then hit by a car. As she starts trying to solve the murder, she actually gets closer to becoming an Aspera girl because the station hires her for a different job… This book is just a disturbing sentiment layered on top of Georgia’s obsession – c is hard to watch and harder to put down.

cover image for Broken Summer

Broken Summer by JM Lee, An Seon Jae (Translation)

Here’s a translated character-driven mystery! Artist Lee Hanjo wakes up the day after his 43rd birthday to find his wife missing and a novel she wrote in her place. The novel is about an artist with questionable morals who looks a lot like Lee Hanjo…

cover image for The Bullet That Missed

The Bullet That Missed (Thursday Murder Club #3) by Richard Osman

Thursday Murder Club fans will be delighted that the third book is now available. A group of septuagenarians who come together to discuss murder cases while living in a retirement community have their plates full this time with not one murder to solve, but two…a decade apart. If you want to start from the beginning, choose The Thursday Murder Club.

cover image for Return to the Garden

Return to the Garden by Laurie R. King

For fans of Laurie R. King (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes) and decades-old unsolved murder mysteries. In California. the gardener’s estate undergoes restorations when a human skull is found… Inspector Raquel Laing has his work cut out considering the estate was a counterculture commune 50 years ago and it seems many people disappeared when the commune collapsed.

Need more crime? We’ve absolutely got you covered with tons of posts for every type of mystery and thriller reader.

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