Sofia Vergara to star Griselda Blanco in Netflix limited series – Deadline


Sofia Vergara is set to play the famous drug queen Griselda Blanco in a new Netflix limited series.

The six-part series Griselda tells the real life story of Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. A devoted mother, Blanco’s deadly mix of charm and unsuspecting savagery has helped her expertly navigate family and business, which has led her to become widely known as “Black Widow.”

The series comes from Empire and Justified writer Ingrid Escajeda, who is showrunner, screenwriter and executive producer as well as Eric Newman, Doug Miro, Andrés Baiz and Carlo Bernard — the creative team behind Narcos – but that has nothing to do with Netflix’s drug thriller franchise.

Vergara will also be executive producer of the project with Luis Balaguer for Latin World Entertainment. Baiz, from Colombia, will direct all episodes.

“Griselda Blanco was a larger than life character whose ruthless but ingenious tactics allowed her to lead a billion dollar empire years before many of the more notorious male pillars we know so much about,” said Vergara. “We are delighted to have found the perfect partners in Eric, Andrés and Netflix to help us bring this lifelong story to the screen.”

Newman added, “Griselda Blanco has long been a passionate project for Sofia and we are grateful that she and her partners at LatinWe have chosen us to help her tell this story. Sofia is a brilliant talent and her passion combined with a fantastic story of Doug and Ingrid, and the incredible Andrés Baiz at the helm, means that we have a very exciting series to share with audiences.

Peter Friedlander, Vice President of UCAN Scripted Series at Netflix, said, “Eric Newman has skillfully brought the most dynamic characters and stories to life on screen today. We are delighted to continue on this creative path with him and for this collaboration with Sofia Vergara – an entertainment force and a globally beloved talent. With an incredible team at the helm, we can’t wait for the whole world to see how Ingrid Escajeda, Doug Miro and Andrés Baiz tackle the twists and turns of Griselda Blanco’s epic story.

Blanco burst onto the pop culture scene after his exploits were highlighted in the 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys and his sequel two years later by Billy Corben. She was portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Lifetime biopic Godmother of cocaine in 2018.

Jennifer Lopez has announced that she will play Blanco in the film The godmother, a project that she would also lead.

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