Softball week has two thrilling games


Last week, two incredibly exciting softball games were presented. Coyote Joe’s faced Bravo’s Landscaping in the first match. Leading the way, Nick Morones hit a solo home run. Marisa Morones and Juan De La Cruz followed in doubles. A sacrifice fly brought in the second point of the set for Coyote Joe’s. In the second set, Jose Cuevas had two RBIs on his triple for Coyote Joe’s.

Bravo’s landscaping tied him late in the inning on two hits, a double from Tyler Engel and a homer from Weston Leonhardi. Nick Morones hit his second solo home run for Coyote Joe’s in the third. Bravo’s landscaping responded with a run to keep it attached. Bravo’s landscaping turned an error into a run in the fourth inning. Coyote Joe’s used two errors, a hit and braces from Jose Cuevas and Hector Celaya to regain the lead with three points at home.

Bravo’s landscaping regained the lead late in the inning when five runs scored two hits, a double from Joe Hernandez, a triple from Tyler Engel and a home run from Miguel Reyes. At the start of the sixth and final round, Coyote Joe’s was down three. A walk and error, two hits, a triple from Jose Cuevas and another homerun from Nick Morones made five cross the plate. With two runners, Miguel Reyes pulled off the incredible over-the-shoulder run to end the threat.

Bravo’s landscaping netted his last batting by two. Two hits and a double from Selina Morones earned two runs. The match ended in a tie, 13-13.

For Coyote Joe’s, Jose Cuevas and Nick Morones had three hits. Juan De La Cruz and Ron Bevins had two hits. Hector Celaya, Francisco Bravo, Marisa Morones and Amie JImenz all had a hit.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Tyler Engel and Weston Leonhardi had four hits. Miguel Reyes had three hits. Angel Hernandez, Selina Morones and Haley Campbell contributed two hits. Joe Hernandez had a hit.

The second game between Chet’s Hardware and Straight Up Builders was played in the last round. Chet’s Hardware opened the game with two points. Straight Up Builders responded with one. Chet’s Hardware got another score in the second inning. In the third inning, Robert Reyes scored a triple and scored on Christian Martinez’s home run. Paul Daniel Romo followed with a brace, but ended up in second place.

Straight Up Builders opened the bottom of the third with back to back inside the park homeruns of Josh Flynn and Chuy Sillas. Straight Up Builders took the lead in the bottom of the fourth when three runs scored two errors, a hit and a double from Josh Flynn.

Chet’s Hardware attached it to the fifth. Diego Rios hit a solo homerun in the sixth for Chet’s Hardware to regain the lead. The lead changed again late in the inning when Straight Up Builders got a solo homerun from Josh Flynn, two hits and a brace from Jose Octavo to bring three home.

Before the seventh final round, Chet’s Hardware was down two. Four hits and a double from Robert Reyes brought back three hits and the lead. Straight Up Builders had their last chance at batting. A mistake brought home the first run. With a runner in third place, Chuy Sillas recovered the hit to score the winning point. Chet’s Hardware 10, Straight Up Builders 11.

For Chet’s Hardware, Robert Reyes was four for four. Adilene Soto was you for three. Nestor Cubillas and Felipe Casillas had two hits. Christian Martinez, Paul Daniel Romo, Diego Rios, Alex Campos and Aimee Casillas all contributed a hit.

For Straight Up Builders, Josh Flynn and Chuy Sillas had three hits. Allan Casillas had two hits. Ryan Hinkley, Jose Octavo, Keith Jaudon, and Amanda Younger all had a hit.


Direct constructors 2-1

Bravo 1-1-1 landscaping

Coyote Joe’s 1-1-1

Chet 1-2 Hardware

Softball week has two thrilling games

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