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Game Of Thrones was the most celebrated spectacle of the 21st century. Fantasy drama has set the bar very high for quality TV shows. The series was famous for its stunning scenery, gruesome battles, and precise casting. However, he was also famous for various controversial scenes. A number of viewers were shocked at the amount of nudity and sex scenes on the HBO epic. The actors tried to explain to the audience why they were important to the story. Game Of Thrones’ Sophie turner doesn’t feel embarrassed when it comes to expressing yourself on screen. She plays a daring girlfriend of a drug dealer in his new movie Heavy.

The 24-year-old actress plays Maddie, the girlfriend of the high-end drug dealer Seven ‘Sev’ Max (Daniel Zovatto). The couple live in New York. Sev knows exactly where to sell his equipment; to trust fund clients, model nights and crazy drug-fueled getaways.

Sev has a painful past and many vices that lead him to find solace in all the wrong places. While Maddie is also broken, she is Sev’s true love, but he realizes that too late.

Maddie says at the end of the trailer: “It’s the kind of story where everyone is to blame and no one is spared. Again, they say love triumphs over everything.

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Game Of Thrones showcased some of the best warriors in TV fantasy history. Of all the warriors in the series, Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) was the most feared. Why wouldn’t it be scary? The Mountain was played by the strongest man in the world Hafþor Júlíus Björnsson himself!

Bj̦rnsson showed his great strength by breaking the deadlift world record Рhe lifted 501 kg. After setting the milestone, he challenged his longtime rival Eddie hall at a boxing match. The match has been dubbed the heaviest boxing match in history.

Bjornsson shows off his incredible new figure as he prepares for his highly anticipated boxing debut. And he looks incredibly terrifying, even more so than he was in Game of Thrones as Mountain.

The 6-foot-7-inch monster lost 40 pounds in a month after the boxing match was officially announced. In May, Bjornsson broke Hall’s world deadlift record to set a new mark at 1,104 pounds. The couple have long been engaged in a war of words, with each previously accusing the other of cheating.

Björnsson’s recent Instagram the posts clearly show that he continued to lose weight and looks fierce before the fight, still in five months. Who do you think will win the fight? Talk to us in the comments below!


Game Of Thrones first created on HBO ten years ago, April 17, 2011. The show is dubbed the greatest television show of the 21st century. The series won a total of 59 Primetime Emmy Awards. The record still stands to this day. No wonder HBO is so invested in exploring the Game of Thrones universe, with several prequels in development. HBO will celebrate a decade of Game Of Thrones with its month-long event, The Iron Anniversary. And it seems that nature has also joined in the celebrations.

Last week, Mount Fagradalsfjall erupted after 900 years of slumber 40 kilometers from the capital Reykjavík. The region has become a tourist hotspot for weekend hikers. Thousands of people occasionally gather to admire the glowing and scorching lava that flows into a river. Recent photos of visitors to the scene have now sparked jokes and humor on social media. The internet has compared the jaw-dropping volcanic eruptions and glowing lava to a scene from the HBO drama.

Wow! Iceland knows how to make a volcano. From tonight ! #icelanderuption #icelandvolcano #islande

– Brian Emfinger (@brianemfinger) April 9, 2021

The photos of the eruption scenes were captured by an aerial videographer, Brian emfinger. Many have compared its visual appeal with A song of ice and fire by RR Martin The Game of Thrones symbology of the series that revolves around ice against fire. Image of the 300,000 cubic meters (10.5 million cubic feet) of lava flowing through the frozen region and the Icelanders. Collectively reminded the Internet of the HBO storyline, because the scenes looked like the fantasy drama.

Land of fire and ice.

– Asroq Khotaminur (@asarochi) April 11, 2021

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HBO Iron Anniversary celebrations are currently underway due to a decade of Game Of Thrones. The month-long celebrations will include various epic-related events and specials HBO and HBO Max. The marathon runner, which debuted on April 10, is already at its peak. Bryan cogman, the acclaimed series writer, is busy reliving his favorite moments from the Marathrone.

He listed his favorite episodes, as far as the characters are concerned, on Twitter. “Alright, as promised, I’m running my own #GoT thread after taking a look at some of the, let’s just say… interesting selections for that Iron Birthday thing,Cogman tweeted Monday. “I will be adding to this thread throughout the week.

Okay, as promised, I’m running my own #GoT thread after taking a look at some of the, let’s just say… interesting selections for this Iron Anniversary thing.

I will be adding to this thread throughout the week.

I am limiting responses on this subject for obvious reasons. Sorry.

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 12, 2021

The characters on his list were Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister and Brienne. Jon was first on his list, and of course, Battle of the Bastards had to be there.

1) The Royal Road (S1) 2) The Old and New Gods (S2) 3) The Climb (S3) 4) The Guardians of the Wall (S4) 5) Hardhome (S5) 6) Oathbreaker (S6) 7) The Battle of the Bastards (S6) 8) The Queen’s Justice (S7) 9) The Dragon and the Wolf (S7)

10) Game of Thrones (S8)

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 13, 2021

Next came the Dragon Queen who started with the Golden crown.

Dany: 1) A golden crown (S1) 2) Fire and blood (S1) 3) March of retribution (S3) 4) And now his custody is over (S3) 5) The children (S4) 6) The Black and White House (S5) 7) Hardhome (S5) 8) The Dance of the Dragons (S5) 9) The Queen’s Justice (S7)

10) The spoils of war (S7)

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 13, 2021

Tyrion’s list included the Battle of Blackwater that made him famous, in a good way, to the landing of the king.

So that said. Tyrion: 1) A Golden Crown2) Baelor3) What is dead can never die4) Blackwater5) Second Sounds6) Laws of Gods and Men7) Children8) Hardhome9) The Dragon and the Wolf

10) A knight of the seven realms

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 13, 2021

Next is Sansa’s list.

Sansa: 1) The Pointed End (S1) 2) Blackwater (S2) 3) Dark Wings, Dark Words (S3) 4) Mockingbird (S4) 5) The Mountain and the Viper (S4) 6) Hardhome (S5) 7 ) Stranger’s Book (S6) 8) Battle of the Bastards (S6) 9) The Winds of Winter (S6)

10) The Dragon and the Wolf (S7)

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 13, 2021

Arya’s list was complicated for Cogman, but he did it anyway.

Ugh. OK. Again, I go with my instincts because this one is too hard. Arya:

1) Lord Snow (S1) 2) Baelor (S1) 3) The ghost of Harrenhal (S2) 4) Kissed by fire (S3) 5) Two swords (S4) 6) Children (S4)

7) The Dance of the Dragons (S5)


– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 13, 2021

Bryan got loads of praise for Lena Headey’s performance as Cersei.

Now Cersei. Lena should have won a lot of Emmys. I’m just saying.

1) The royal road (S1) 2) The north remembers (S2) 3) Blackwater (S2) 4) The lion and the rose (S4) 5) The children (S4) 6) The gift (S5) 7) The mother’s mercy (S5)

8) The winds of winter (S6)


– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 14, 2021

Jaime’s march to redemption can be seen on Cogman’s List.

And now… Jaime:

1) Winter is coming (S1) 2) A man without honor (S2) 3) Walk of retribution (S3) 4) Kissed by fire (S3) 5) The bear and the maiden (S3) 6) Guardian oath (S4) 7) Children (S4) 8) Person (S6) 9) Spoils of war (S7)

10) A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (S8)

– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 14, 2021

He finished the list with Brienne de Tarth, as of today.

Okay so, I guess I’ll make my Brienne list:

1) What is dead may never die (S2) 2) The ghost of Harrenhal (S2) 3) And now his watch is over (S3) 4) Kissed by fire (S3) 5) The bear and the young girl (S3) 6) Oath keeper (S4)) 7) Children (S4)

8) The Red Woman (S6)


– Bryan Cogman (@cogman_bryan) April 14, 2021

Well, the Iron Birthday celebrations have just started and there are plenty more in store. Do you agree with Bryan’s list? Or do you have yours? Tell us in the comments below!

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