Spring 2022 TV shows: Release dates for new and returning series

New and recurring favorites on HBO, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Disney+ are just a few of the shows set to dominate TV discussion in the weeks to come.

It’s almost dated to keep pointing this out, but a seasonal TV preview is the perfect time to say the thing that’s becoming more evident with each passing day: there are a ton of programs vying for people’s attention these days- this.

Into this convoluted mix comes another massive collection of TV premieres expected by the dawn of summer. As the Oscars onslaught of the film world draws to a close, attention then turns to another awards season. Many series in this roundup of notable spring releases will find themselves right in the thick of Emmy contention, with networks and streaming services timing new and recurring shows to just hit the end of eligibility.

So to help plan out what the coming weeks will bring, we’ve rounded up 20 shows that should go a long way in shaping how the TV conversation unfolds during this time. This isn’t an exhaustive list (we have monthly previews to help you), but it does run the gamut from sure things past to hopeful thrills of the near future. For each wildcard or returning favorite, we’ve included each one’s premiere dates, to help you better fill your calendar as we head into the heart of spring.

A few of them have yet to announce concrete release dates, but all should be available for people to watch before the summer months arrive. Until then, let the anticipation build.

Libby Hill, Tambay Obenson and Ben Travers also contributed to this list.

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