Stephanie Davis felt like she was in The Bodyguard thriller during the stalking


Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has opened up about her living nightmare after being stalked for months by a crazed stalker

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Stephanie Davis has revealed she feels like she’s trapped in horror film The Bodyguard amid her stalking terror.

The 28-year-old former Hollyoaks actress found herself living her worst nightmare when she was continually taunted and harassed by a crazed fan who turned out to be a twisted stalker – leaving her on the brink of despair.

The mother-of-one and son Caben, 4, were both tormented by Alex Boston, 44, who loitered outside their home and sent creepy gifts and notes for months.

Lifting the lid on her stalking nightmare, Stephanie told the Mirror that the whole ordeal reminded her of the cult classic thriller, The Bodyguard.

Stephanie said her life had become a horror movie and she was completely freaked out when storylines started playing out, which she said sounded like something out of the hit 1992 film by Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, The Bodyguard.

Steph said she was living her worst nightmare


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The star felt trapped in a horror movie



The famous film follows a famous star who is stalked and harassed by a crazed fan – much like Stephanie’s real-life storyline.

In Steph’s case, it all started when a bunch of hand-picked daffodils were left in the driveway leading to her house.

After the first group was left outside her house, the actress grew suspicious but let it pass.

But when it happened again, she panicked.

The actress feared for her life


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A few days after the first flowers were placed at her home, Steph returned home to be greeted with another bouquet of daffodils – only this time they had been placed outside her front door.

Her stalker quickly started to up the ante and Steph quickly became flustered when she opened her front door to see a huge bag full of goodies – including fluffy sleepwear and hordes of toys for her little one.

Opening to The Mirror, the former Celebrity Big Brother star said: ‘I woke up and when I went to the front door there were presents, like a plant that said ‘grow this to make our love grow”, like a plant of love.

Steph has been stalked for months


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“He left a big bag of stuff which he obviously picked out for me. What freaked me out was that there was a little leopard print number – on second thought, it makes me sick – because I thought he obviously looked at that, went out and got it, and I thought that would be fine with me.”

Comparing the script to the film The bodyguard, she adds: “Have you seen the film the bodyguard, literally it was like that, really scary.”

Steph became so upset and felt like her “safe” home had been breached that she was forced to stay with her parents.

The soap star says it was a ‘nightmare’ as she and Caben had to uproot themselves and there was no room for them at her mum and dad’s house.

Stephanie concerned for Caben’s well-being



“It was like living in a horror movie,” she said.

After her stalker started sending her personal, handwritten letters, he was soon discovered by the police after leaving his fingerprint on one of the letters.

After this breakthrough, the police were able to identify the stalker and arrest him after obtaining a search warrant at his home.

Detectives told Steph there was no doubt he was the man, as when they checked his home it was ‘obvious’ it was the actress.

Police said the assailant was dangerous.

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