Stephen King Praises Netflix’s New 1917 Thriller Star

Acclaimed horror writer Stephen King recommends a new thriller, Netflix’s I Came By, which stars WW1 1917 film lead actor George MacKay.

Stephen King recommends a new Netflix thriller starring 1917 is George MacKay, called I came. MacKay debuted in the 2003 fantasy film Peter Pan, where he played Lost Boy Curly. He went on to star in a handful of films and TV series, including two war films – Challenge and Peaceful private. In 2019, the actor starred in the critically acclaimed World War I film directed by Sam Mendes. 1917. The role catapulted him to greater stardom, and MacKay has starred in many well-received projects since.


Recently, MacKay starred in the Netflix thriller I came. In the film, which also stars Hugh Bonneville, MacKay portrays a young graffiti artist and activist who targets the homes of the wealthy and powerful. When his character uncovers dark truths about Bonneville’s character, he gets in over his head and finds himself and those around him in an increasingly dangerous situation. Directed by British-Iranian filmmaker Babak Anvari, the gritty thriller drew praise from famed horror author Stephen King himself.

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horror lover King recommended the Netflix movie via Twitter. With impressive writer credits including That, Carrie, and the brilliant, his recommendation should not be taken lightly. It also shouts out two specific psychological thriller writers as comparative titles, giving viewers an idea of ​​the film’s tone. See the tweet below:

Based on King’s tweet, I came will definitely arouse more interest from viewers. Its references to Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith give fans of these mystery/thriller writers an idea of ​​what to expect with the Netflix movie. The film shares another connection to King besides its genre – its leading man, MacKay, played a small role in King’s adaptation 22.11.63 on Hulu. Clearly, King was pleased with his portrayal in this series and in his new movie.

The thriller is now available for audiences who decide to follow King on his horror recommendations – a solid choice for any fan of the genre. Clearly, King wasn’t the only one watching. I passed, which made it into Netflix’s top 10 movies after its release. Netflix has an ever-growing catalog of horror and thriller movies and shows, so viewers will be able to find plenty more content like I came once they have seen the film.

Source: Stephen King/Twitter

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