Do you study and need to borrow to buy aids or script or pay tuition? Have you decided to study abroad?

    Short-term and long-term student loans

    Short-term and long-term student loans

    Many non-bank companies and banks are engaged in providing short-term and long-term student loans, which are more advantageous than ordinary loans. You can use a non-bank short-term student loan for anything you think of.

    To qualify for a non-bank loan, you need to meet several conditions. To apply for this loan at all, you must have an age of 18 to 30, your own bank account, your mobile phone. With a non-bank loan for students, you do not need to provide proof of income; Usually, you do not need co-applicants or guarantors for less than 100,000 CZK. You can request a student loan using an sms message or online form. Once approved, you can have money in your account for a few minutes. Some companies offer advantageous loans to ISIC holders, you can get a free loan. You will only return as much as you have borrowed.

    If you want to apply for a student loan at a bank, the offer is not as wide as for non-bank loans. Banks offer favorable conditions for such loans, such as lower interest rates of around 10%. The maturity ranges from one year to ten years. Banks also allow deferred repayment when you repay the loan after you have completed your studies. You will receive a student loan on the basis of a study certificate. Often there is a need for a co-applicant (eg one of the parents or grandparents). For loans over 100,000, the co-applicant is always required, according to the creditworthiness you can borrow up to one million crowns. Student loans are provided to students of secondary schools, universities, colleges or language schools. You can also get a student loan if you study on-site or remotely, regardless of whether you are at a state or private school.

    For example, if you are a maternity mother and you are studying, you can take advantage of this offer. The loan for students is not intended. In some banks, the loan is limited only by the creditworthiness of the client and co-applicant. In the case of a bank loan, the student can only pay interest and, after graduation, pay the remainder, change the installment amount by up to 50%, postpone the payment twice or change the installment date.

    Student loan

    Student loan

    The assessment of a loan application, the maintenance of a credit account and the issuance of all certificates is mostly free. Proofs for applying for a bank loan that you are evidence of are: signed confirmation and study contract (signed by you and the school representative)

    • confirmation of tuition paid,
    • a certificate of presumed graduation and (usually signed by you)
    • receipt
    • If you have a co-debtor, he must also provide proof of income.

    Students can not only get a loan but can also apply for an overdraft or credit card to their student account. Each bank has different requirements and conditions for student loan approval. Others are the amount of APR and repayments, depending on the amount of the loan. In a bank, getting a loan is usually conditional on keeping a student’s current account. The account maintenance fee ranges from 0 to 150 CZK per month.

    If you are not sure which loan for students is the best for you, you can use the website to find loan comparators. Using a special calculator to enter the necessary information, you will compare all bank and non-bank student loans. The comparison is non-binding. If you are interested in a student loan, you can apply for a loan. You will be redirected to the company’s pages. Just fill out the form, submit the required documents and wait for the review. Money is usually transferred immediately to your account.


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