The best detective games available for Android

Good detectives are a good thing. This plot keeps you in fear and makes you feel like everything is wrong. So it turns out that they are all fake and it’s not what you imagined. Over the course of the novels, films, and gaming have emerged, giving you the opportunity to understand the role of a detective and discover complex characters, thread by thread.

Smartphones are not a necessity, the detective genre often does not require a quick response. Because the graphics are not as important as an old story, touch controls and a small screen of your smartphone are enough. There are many good games on the Android platform, and to make it easier to navigate, we have collected all the best of them on the phone.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to Her Story, an unusual game, which is generated in the form of an interactive documentary where we find the analysis by a detective of police videos in a database.

Ace Attorney series (four games).

  • Model: paid.
  • Russian: a word you don’t speak.

The Ace Attorney series is a popular crime novel with puzzles for Nintendo DS and 3DS. There are four on Android. Spirit of Justice, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations.

The game is relatively similar in gameplay. The case is over, you will find the evidence and can reach the conclusion of the trial. You can mix existing evidence and get new ones with each other.

All four games are console ported, so you don’t have to buy additional paid content for cash; you get a full-fledged game that doesn’t even have ads. However, they are not cheap either.

For the sake of justice, download in the name of the law. It is an old statute for the meaning of the law, and it is a binational law which includes: The two-seater.

Add a new iPad for Apollo, Appearance, and other digital apps.

The Adventure Escape series (five games) is the focus of the game.

  • Model: free.
  • Russians: No.

The Adventure Escape is a popular game from Haiku Games. In them, you solve puzzles and take on the plot as a plot, with each game having its own uses. These quests are classic, where you find out what’s going on and then use it to solve any problems that arise.

A Adventure Escape is a suitable option for people who like puzzles and puzzles and the kind of escape from the room where the traditional mechanics are present, but also here. All games in the series are free and do not require additional purchases, but if you wish, you can use paid hints.

As a similar option, we advise you not to watch GAMEBORN’s Escape the Mansion series. They are also good games.

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  • Model: paid.
  • Russian. No linguistics

Cluedo is a mobile version of the aforementioned detective board. It’s the kind of game you’re used to: moving around the edge of the game and collecting evidence so you can barely tell what the point and purpose of the story is. This is the case in the real game, it will come with a notepad to give you a touchpad to work quickly. The game has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is rather worth trying.

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He writes about the humor of a pig.

  • Salary: paid by yourself.
  • Russian: No.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is an animated fiction thriller that uses psychological intelligence to make you feel good. You are a student who is lucky enough to be in a higher class, where only the best students often make it to high school. If happiness fails, it does not end for long. You can only survive until graduation by taking a classmate from school to school, so you could never expose yourself in class.

The class reunions are similar to the court in the aforementioned Ace Pro game: the students examine the evidence they find, speculate and discover a contradiction in each other’s stories, and try to determine which of the present implicated was the murder.

This game was originally released on the apx, and its anniversary version has already been ported to mobile devices, so you will also receive additional bonus content. All for a very nice sum, but without advertising or additional purchase.

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Life is Strange (two games).

  • Model: free (demo)
  • Russian language: No.

Life is Strange is an interactive cinematic adventure game, based on an unusual mechanic: the character Max Caulfield can rest for a while and change the course of life, before they start to take place. This ability allows him to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a local student.

This game fits perfectly into each other with good gameplay, good graphics and interesting twists. Dialogue is not simple in one area, but that is. little time between us. You can download it for free, but actually it is a trial version, so you can get the full version.

On mobile devices, there is a game called Life is Strange: Before the Storm is available, and a spin-off and the second part, which has not yet had mobile versions.

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Professor Layton series.

  • For example, this model is paid.
  • Russian: Nobody cares.

The detective game Professor Layton was once popular on the Nintendo DS and now you can play it on your smartphone. Two pieces, the missing one, have been worn.

Each game details the next adventure of famed detective Professor Layton, who journeys to find a new identity in the mystery. The main game of the game is a quest, periodically interrupted by solving various puzzles: puzzles, chess puzzles, but the ability to find a way out of a bunch of old-fashioned stuff.

The Professor Layton games had a great impact on the Nintendo DS, so this was definitely the perfect option to update their mobile versions. Of course, you can’t call the price cheap, but for that money you will get full-fledged games without ads or purchases. For Mystery Journey there is a free demo version where you can simply follow this video game.

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The room-series (four games)

  • Model: paid.
  • Russian: No!

The Room game was one of the first super high quality detective games on mobile devices. Today games are among the most popular games on this machine. They should also be classified in the puzzle and room escape genre, the player finds himself in a locked room from which he must escape by finding and solving puzzles.

In terms of depth, the first game did not differ, but as the series developed, the developers decided to focus more on this aspect. The mysterious plot has become a common advantage of the series with excellent graphics and creative puzzles. In new games, achievements, cloud saves, and a branchy ending have appeared. It’s one of the best mobile franchises of all time. Don’t miss it.

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“Naurus and Cubes escape” (multiple games)

  • The character depends on the game.
  • The language is not related to the game.

For some years now, the game has fascinated fans. One of their most famous creations is the Cube Escape series, which takes place in a surreal and mystical universe. There are ten games in total, combining detective components, puzzles, and room escape mechanics.

Each of these developers has a dazzling Rusty Lake series that contains three games, plus a standalone game Samsara Room, similar to Cube Escape, but unrelated to it. On the gaming side, all these games are based on interactive quests: by clicking on the desired objects you move around in the game and interact with them.

Story-wise, the Rusty Lake series has a lot more to offer than Cube Escape, but there’s nothing worse than that. You can’t leave out any other games from these developers as they are all excellent detective games.

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The Vigil Records: 1st case.

  • Model: paid.
  • Russian: No.

This document must be printed on Vigil. The first case must be translated into its format. Your hands will give you an operating system for secret agents and detectives. Using this you will send and receive messages, call, check database, map real sites and search for clues.

The approach is not very standardized, but it gives an interesting result, so you get used to the role of the detective. Dear Villagers’ Lost Phone series might have similar similarities to this one, but also a good detective game. The focus on the text component will likely scare people who care about graphics. However, one can appreciate the originality of the idea and a good plot.

There’s only one problem: the game doesn’t have an official Russian localization, so there’s no chance you’ll be able to fully play it.

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A machine whistles through the air.

  • Model: paid, and paid, paid, and paid.
  • Russian: No language.

Whispers of a Machine is a sci-fi game developed by black Scandinavian whose character is named Vera to investigate a series of brutal murders as he tries to track down the ghosts of his past. You will be the logical thinking and cybernetic encroachment of Faith, allowing it to use superpowers.

The game here is comprised of a typical game of interactive quests. As you experience the world, solve puzzles, discuss dialogue with characters, and decide, you will progress through the story and eventually find one of these endings.

If you are looking for a very interesting detective story, it may not seem indifferent to you. The game doesn’t require any additional purchases, it doesn’t care about ads, and with a Google Play Pass subscription, you can play it for free.

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  • Model: dependent on emulators
  • Russian language: depends on the emulator

Compared to all the above, you can turn to the classics and find detective games from the same console and then run them using a game emulator. We’re talking about games like Mario is Missing for SNES, Scooby-Doo Mystery for SEGA Genesis (aka Mega Drive), Myst for PlayStation, Time Hollow for Nintendo 3DS, etc.

Emulators are relatively easy to set up and all you need is to buy a game file. This option is very convenient like on the console. Windrowing is more convenient because it is a separate system that saves play and loads. There is an easier way to register and uses the standard process to register. A touch controller is easily accessible by emulators.

From the link below, you can download one of these emulators, John NESS for SNES and NES. Good for SEGA retroarch.

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