The best thriller of each of the last 10 years (according to Letterboxd)

The 2022 superhero movie The Batman was praised for giving the titular character a more grounded story that focuses on his detective side. The film obviously uses elements of the thriller genre, which is why fans of Letter box voted it best thriller of the year so far.

Viewers looking for more critically acclaimed thriller films from the past decade can easily do so thanks to the social media platform’s rankings. The top-rated films represent the best the genre had to offer in each of the past ten years. They also highlight how thrillers have evolved over time, which is why they should be considered essential viewing for fans of the genre.


Prisoners (2013) – 4.2

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From the Prisoners (2013) by Roger Deakins

Director Denis Villeneuve tells fans a gripping story in Prisoners, which revolves around the kidnapping of two daughters and a father’s increasingly aggressive attempts to catch the suspect. Matters are complicated by the fact that the police had this suspect in custody, but chose to let him go.

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The critically acclaimed film was praised for its well-written plot and the emotional rawness displayed by its characters. The dizzying search for the missing girls likely has a powerful effect on most viewers, who can feel the same sense of dread and urgency that the protagonist feels.

Gone Girl (2014) – 4.1

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Rosamund Pike looks over her shoulder in Gone Girl

Based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, missing girl is a film about a missing person, originally told from the perspective of her husband and prime suspect, Nick Dunne. When the media gets wind of this puzzling affair, Nick is thrust into the spotlight and it’s obvious he’s not ready.

Director David Fincher’s film is known for its jaw-dropping twist, so it’s best seen for the first time knowing little or nothing of its shocking plot details. Fans who have read the book it is based on will be happy to know that it mostly stays true to the source material.

Ivy (2015) – 4.1

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Two men seated in a boat at Ivy.

Director Tolga Karaçelik Ivy is often cited alongside some of the best fantasy films of the 2010s. The award-winning film depicts the struggle of a crew aboard a Turkish ship that was forced to anchor offshore by an Egyptian port authority. With their passports confiscated, a dwindling food supply and an irrational captain, tensions inevitably build and push some to their breaking points.

The captivating film is usually compared to Lighthouseas viewers can expect a similar emphasis on dialogue and character development. Ivy brings its own unique elements, making it a must-have for international film fans.

The Handmaiden (2016) – 4.4

Available to stream on Prime Video.

Servant and heiress in the forest in The Servant

Set in 1930s Korea, director Park Chan-wook The servant follows the titular character’s story as she begins working for a wealthy but reclusive heiress. The protagonist initially has ulterior motives, but everything changes when she uncovers jarring secrets and experiences unexpected emotions.

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The erotic psychological thriller has been hailed for its strong message of female empowerment and its subversive cinematic look. There’s no shortage of wild twists that will keep audiences glued to their screens from start to finish.

Get Out (2017) – 4.2

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Daniel Kaluuya cries and looks terrified in Get Out

Five years after its first creation, fans are still finding hidden details in get out, highlighting the amount of work and attention to detail that went into making this acclaimed film. Director Jordan Peele stunned viewers and critics alike with his directorial debut, which has a deceptively simple premise.

Its protagonist Chris travels upstate with his girlfriend Rose to visit his parents over the weekend, but things get weird after a series of disturbing discoveries. get outThe story of is rooted in bold political commentary, brilliantly executed throughout the film’s genuinely horrifying narrative.

Hereditary (2018) – 4.0

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Director Ari Aster Hereditary centers on the terrifying story of the Graham family, who are still reeling from the loss of their grandmother and matriarch. The dangerous secrets they learn after his death irreparably alter the family dynamic, with their relationship becoming more messy after each staggering revelation.

The horror-thriller film has surprising emotional depth, making its hard-hitting moments land easily for viewers who immediately feel invested in the characters’ stories. Its disturbing events are sure to stick with viewers long after they finish watching the film.

Parasite (2019) – 4.6

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Parasite poster.

The thriller movie Parasite quickly took the world by storm when it was first released, making director Bong Joon-ho a household name. The international hit tells the deceptively simple story of how a low-income family infiltrates the home of a high-income family by posing as skilled workers.

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The film has a major plot twist that sets its most absorbing events in motion, so viewers who have never seen it should watch it for the first time knowing only minimal plot details. It’s a gripping film with bold political commentary delivered in an original and unforgettable way.

History of the Occult (2020) – 3.8

Watch a girl in the history of the occult

Set in the 1980s, director Cristian Ponce portrays the gripping story of a news crew’s last-ditch effort to uncover a massive conspiracy linking the Argentine government to an influential cabal in history of the occult. Their program, 60 Minutes Before Midnight, is about to be shut down, adding pressure to make their latest run their biggest ever.

The film surpasses even the most chilling documentaries about the occult, as it features truly disturbing fictional stories of kidnappings, murders, and more tied to the highest levels of government. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, as there are some ghastly moments that are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The Dunes (2021) – 4.1

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A Dunes Man 2021.

The dunes tells the story of famed LA Times reporter Nicholas Rice, who returns to his hometown after being away for some time. Instead of just reestablishing friendly ties and visiting his favorite places, however, he finds a mysterious and potentially dangerous person from his past.

Directed by Martin Copping, the criminally underrated film will keep viewers on the edge of their seat at every unexpected turn. The twists pile up to create a memorable narrative that will keep audiences guessing until the end.

The Batman (2022) – 4.1

Available to stream on HBO Max.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in costume cowl

Bruce Wayne Confronts The Riddler in Director Matt Reeves The Batman. The near-noir detective story depicts the superhero’s struggles as he uncovers his own family’s role in crime and corruption in Gotham City. Bruce must put the pieces together before the Riddler strikes again, but it’s not easy when the serial killer is always one step ahead.

The critically acclaimed film impressed critics and fans alike with its more grounded take on the popular character. With genuinely chilling moments and well-written dialogue, it’s a dark and thrilling masterpiece that has rekindled interest in Batman.

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