“The Consequences When NATO War Games Go Wrong”

COMPARED to today, the world was safer as the government drank it down in Downing Street and British voters isolated themselves on a reduced diet of sausages without Brussels.

In November 1983, Michael Jackson’s single Thriller was released; the first cruise missiles from the United States were received at British airfields; and £26m worth of gold was stolen from the Brinks Mat store at Heathrow.

It was also the year that 100 million people watched the nuclear war TV movie The Day After. Relevant today, in November 1983, 19,000 American troops landed in Europe as America raised its war alert status to Defcon 1 and moved its command structures to secret locations.

This was exactly what Soviet predictions for the start of nuclear war looked like and Soviet nuclear arsenals were put on alert, jet planes were refueled and loaded ready to take off, and the Soviet defense machine went into overdrive. prepared for immediate counter-attacks for more than four days.

As Russia sat with their fingers on the buttons, NATO realized that a real war was imminent due to a war game, as it was NATO exercise “Able Archer 83” which went wrong.

Britain today plans to send 8,000 more troops to guard Russia’s 2,800-mile-long western border in a war game involving tens of thousands more troops from the NATO to show its strength to the Russian government.

All of these soldiers risk another Able Archer 83 disaster as Johnson and Truss need Ukraine to keep fighting for their own career prospects.

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