The devil in me will be released in 2022


The devil in me will be released in 2022

The fourth game in the Dark Pictures anthology, The devil in me , has been announced for release sometime in 2022. An interactive horror-thriller game set in Michigan or Wisconsin. The first observation of this new game is seen after finishing House of Ashes , the third game of this rather unique use of moral dilemmas in games.

The story centers on a documentary film crew who are once invited to visit a replica of the home of America’s first and most notorious serial killer, HH Holmes, something tells me it’s not only for a friendly chat about the weather. Soon the crew got the strange feeling here and there of being watched. I bet this is an awkward dinner conversation. Will you choose to let the crew live or die.

No save and close mechanism is used, this game has a strict autosave feature forcing you to make bad decisions and adding to the replayability of all Dark Pictures games. In addition to the success of House of Ashes, Little Hope and The man of Medan , Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment, there is little reason to believe the game will not be a success. Fans of real crime and mystery will get whatever they want from The devil in me, a video game recreation of the cult board game Clue.

Each game introduces new characters and focuses on a specific horror genre. It’s a safe bet to assume The devil in me, will be a fall game based on the previous game released in August and the last two games in October. Which makes it the perfect Halloween game for lovers of all things spooky.

“You see, a story can change a lot when it’s told from a… another perspective” -Curator, the narrator of all these games


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