The Hunger Games Director Recalls Jennifer Lawrence’s Incredible Audition

Hunger Games director Gary Ross talks about Jennifer Lawrence and how she “blew the doors off” during her audition to play Katniss Everdeen.

The hunger Games director Gary Ross recalls Jennifer Lawrence auditioning for the young adult blockbuster. In 2022, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most respected young actresses in the industry. The four-time Oscar nominee – and one-time winner, for Silver Linings Playbook – managed to bridge the gap between blockbuster films (including playing Mystique in the x-men prequel franchise that started with First class) and more arthouse-oriented works like Mother!even starred in another film nominated for Best Picture last year, with Adam McKay Don’t look up.

However, despite the fact that she had already been nominated for Best Actress for a leading role in winter bonehis titanic career success could not have been achieved without being cast in the 2012 film The hunger Games, adapted from the Suzanne Collins novel of the same name. She starred in the dystopian thriller as Katniss Everdeen, a young woman who is forced into a life-and-death tournament with 23 other children from different districts. Katniss volunteers to be District 12’s tribute to save her younger sister from suffering her fate, and ends up subverting the system and keeping herself and her District counterpart Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) alive.


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By speaking with THR in honor of the 10th anniversary of The hunger Games, director Gary Ross spoke about the audition that landed the role of Jennifer Lawrence. He reveals that even though the studio had him arrange a wide range of auditions, he “had a real idea of ​​who I wanted before the auditions. “This included Hutcherson, Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, who played Lawrence’s love interest, Gale. Ross admits that”youthose were honestly easy decisions for me“, and mentioned it during his audition”Jennifer blew down the doors of the place.” Read the full quote below:

Honestly, I had a clear idea of ​​who I wanted before the auditions, but because it was such a huge franchise, the studio wanted everyone to read, which was good. It was fun, actually. Jennifer blew down the doors to the place. Josh was perfect. I had no idea Liam wasn’t American until I spoke to him at the end of the reading. They were all just awesome. These were honestly easy decisions for me.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence’s impressive audition was a harbinger of things to come. After getting the role of Katniss, she will play the character in three more hunger games movies, all the way Mockingjay – Part 2 in 2015. Collectively, the films grossed $1.5 billion on the domestic front alone, making her one of the most bankable stars of the decade. Indeed, in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were ranked by Forbes as the two most profitable stars of the year. Lawrence made him talk hunger games success in landing roles in movies like Passengers and red sparrowin addition to his Oscar-nominated works.

She would not have achieved this success without the power she brought to The hunger Games. With another star in the lead, the potential movie franchise could have crumbled and burned like so many aborted YA adaptations, including box office disappointments. The golden compass and The 5th Wave. It’s clear that Lawrence showed just as much of that potential from the first time she walked into the room, so she’s well-deserved of this long-running success.

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