THE KILLER (2022) Korean action thriller reviews

“Mission: Save the Girl”
The killer is a 2022 Korean crime thriller about a hitman who tries to retire but must rescue a teenage girl from gangsters.

Directed by Choi Jae-Hoon [최재훈] (hypnosis; The swordsman) from a screenplay written by Ji-Woong Nam, based on an online comic.

The Ascendio production stars Jang Hyuk (장혁), Seo-young Lee (이서영), Bruce Khan (브루스칸), Lee Seung-Joon (이승준), and Bang Eun-Jung (방은정).

Ui-gang (Jang Hyuk) is a hitman who has decided to retire. He has a decent property and all the money he needs, but one day his wife goes on a trip to Jeju Island and leaves him a request. His travel companion has a seventeen-year-old daughter, Yoon-ji (Seo-young Lee), who will be left alone during their three-week vacation. Ui-gang reluctantly agrees to take care of Yoon-ji.


However, she quickly gets into trouble. Yoon-ji isn’t a bad kid, but she makes bad choices, and before she knows it, she finds herself in a far more dangerous situation than she ever imagined. But just as Yoon-ji is in over her head, so too will her captors find themselves with more than they can handle when Ui-gang shows up to bring her home…


“The idea behind The killer is solid and clean. While it’s not an absolute revenge tale, the direction and story remain steady from start to finish. Eliminate all the guesswork with this one. Break out the popcorn and get ready with some blood, amazing martial arts choreography and some laughs. 4.5 out of 5, Uncut Horror Movies

“The action counts more than any plot or routine character […] Choi stages them with distinct kinds of dynamism (a faux one-take down a hallway and the camera circling around those ax-wielders, for example), though some instances of quick editing undermine the performers’ obvious physical prowess. 3 out of 4, Mark criticizes films

“The action scenes here are exhilarating and expertly executed. They have a panache never before seen in Hollywood. Maybe that’s because Hyuk is doing his own stunts, bringing real authenticity to the action. The sound editing is fantastic, making you feel the impact of every hit. The rock energy of the soundtrack both complements and reinforces every tense moment…” pajiba

The killer is a sleek actioner with endless attitude and swagger. The visual appeal is impressive as Hyuk takes on waves of enemies in bold and vibrant settings. There are sure to be some familiar elements in this movie, but the deft and imaginative choreography, gritty martial arts, and frequent gunfire equals a satisfying film that’s sure to keep fans of the subgenre entertained. Score: 90% Silverscreen analysis

“The first act of The killer is so determined to state and restate its premise that by the time the action begins, it’s easy to forget what kind of movie it’s supposed to be. But as Jang kicks, punches, and smashes his way through gangster-filled mansions and warehouses, there’s an unprecedented liveliness that makes it hard not to yearn for a more precise or at least less complicated scenario. The envelope

The film premiered at the Far East Film Festival in Italy on April 23, 2022. It will be released in Taiwan as 非常殺手 on July 22, 2022 and in the United States by Shaw Entertainment Group on the same day.

Original title:
더 킬러 : 죽어도 되는 아이 alias Jugeodo Doeneun Ai

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