Easy Compass Finish Line is a non-choir voice in the vast array of financial products available on the market. In fact, if most of the solutions provide for a fixed installment or a growing installment system (both gradual and with a maxi final installment), this financing proposes a reverse trend, with installments that decrease over time. cocinaconcarmen.com for further explanation


    Features of Compass Easy Finish Line

     Features of Compass Easy Finish Line
    This is a personal loan, not aimed at specific purchases (to be declared at the time of the request), paid directly by check or credit to the applicant’s bank account. The peculiarity, as mentioned, is the fact that the monthly installments decrease in their amount, amounting to half in the last year of the loan.

    It is a good solution for all those who, for example, foresee that in the future they will have to request other loans and want to limit the weight of the installments during the overlapping periods.

    The amounts payable range from 1500 to 20000 euros, repayable in a period ranging from 24 to 84 months. The rates applied are:

    • maximum tan, 16.46%
    • maximum tag, 17.76%

    The repayment of the installments can take place through rid or postal payment slip. 


    Who can apply for an Easy Finish Compass

    Who can apply for an Easy Finish Compass

    All persons under the age of 72 who are resident in Italy (at least one year if foreign) can apply for this funding.
    The guarantees required are of an income type, therefore:

    • pay slip, for employees
    • pension slip, for pensioners
    • Unico model, for self-employed workers

    For foreigners the validity of the residence permit is also required. 


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