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You have to be careful not to call it something better.

The main reason is that then the thing has to be the best.

So it seems that with a series on Netflix that now has three seasons, and which CNET cannot believe, is not more widely appreciated.

We are talking about Dark, a German mystery series that operates in several different time zones and dimensions.

It has been compared to the other very popular thriller on Netflix, Strange things, although it probably should have received a lot more watches, rave reviews, and fans overall.

CNET states, rather factually, that “Netflix has so many great shows, but this one is the best.”

The first season of Dark is looking for a child who mysteriously disappears in a small town.

After a while, you realize that the child did not escape to a parallel universe, but to another time 30 years in the past:

Dark asset. It makes intricate, intertwined twists and turns on a level that makes Westworld looks like a smart looking show for kids. It deserves these twists and turns by also being a delicately written study of broken family relationships and small town claustrophobia.

It’s a show that juggles with ease the risks associated with time travel stories. from the dark the plot is so complex that I have fun waiting for it to completely collapse. I spent three whole seasons waiting Dark drop the ball and collapse under its own weight, but it doesn’t.

Uh-oh. Here’s the hyperbole: This TV show is a fucking miracle.

The trailer for the first season is quite promising:

The delirium doesn’t end there, with the promise of a “tight plot, animated by dazzling performances and stellar writing with allusions to Greek mythology and classical literature”.

It’s not pretentious, and it never loses its quality. Not once:

No ‘wild’ seasons like Lost. Or skip episodes like Strange things. Dark does not rush to its conclusion like Game Of Thrones, or betray years of character building to maintain the plot.

No, he remains calmly and precisely extremely good from start to finish. I can’t think of another show like this. At least not on Netflix.

The only ‘off-putting’ aspect might be that it’s very complicated and has subtitles, which can be exhausting for some viewers.

There’s so much to watch on all of the streaming giants, but it’s a stretch to say that even half of what’s available is good.

Dark is apparently very good, and all three seasons are here to be savored and obsessed.

So much…


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