The Scariest Post-Apocalyptic Games, Ranked

There is something inherently creepy about apocalypse concept. It is the end of all things; the demise of the human race, and in some cases life itself, on a global scale. However, when it comes to video games, the post-apocalypse is one of the most tantalizing and exciting settings to explore, and for the past twenty years or so gamers have relished the idea of ​​traveling through the end of the world.

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From nuclear apocalypse to a devastating zombie outbreak, there is a wide range of reasons why the world could have ended in the game. For the most part, post-apocalyptic titles tend to be relatively scary, some of them them being downright terrifying. It’s a genre that does a fantastic job of setting a morbid and ominous tone from the start and, in some cases, afterapocalyptic games can just chill a gamer to their core.


seven STALKER: The Shadow of Chernobyl

Before Fallout 3 was released, there was STALKER: The Shadow of Chernobyla title that inspired many post-apocalyptic experiences that players know and love today. It was a chilling experience, giving players a huge open area to explore, littered with threats and anomalies that could kill a person in seconds. It’s a survival game through and through, and players must manage their inventory, weight, hydration, and loadout as they go.

Because of this level of immersion, HARLER manages to be a terrifying game. If a player is injured, they will have to race against time to save themselves, which is a feat in itself when exploring the harsh, post-apocalyptic world of HARLERstruggling to avoid human and mutant enemies around every corner.

6 Chernobylite

Chernobylite was released in 2021, developed by The Farm 51, the creative minds behind the first-person shooter, world war 3and psychological thriller, get again. As a sci-fi survival game, Chernobylite was a title that stood out from the rest of The Farm 51’s creations, offering a beautiful, open world that was both beautiful to admire and terrifying to behold. In Chernobyliteplayers must explore the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, exploring a dark and mysterious story littered with twists and turns.

Most of the aspect of fear in Chernobylite comes from the environment, which is dark, crumbling and, for the most part, dark and ominous. When a player enters a building, they have no idea what awaits them inside, and it can range from a breathtaking jumpscare to a real mutated threat. It’s a game that gets progressively terrifying over time, and by the end of Chernobyliteplayers are fighting for their own lives.

5 metro last light

metro last light took all that Metro 2033 had done so well and had increased it tenfold. When released in 2013, it raised the bar for post-apocalyptic titles, delivering a spooky world, an intense and meaningful story, and superb and challenging combat. At the very heart of Subway frankness is a sense of dread and anticipation, with many of the game’s scenes taking place in pitch-black subway tunnels.

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As a game, metro last light features a minimal HUD and focuses on immersing the player in a spooky and mysterious world. There are various mutated creatures that pose an intense threat to those living in the post-apocalyptic metropolitan environment, and sometimes surviving means looking a towering creature in the eye, so that it doesn’t attack.

4 Death Stranding

Death Stranding launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2019, bringing a dramatic and complex storyline to players around the world. This mysterious title is the brainchild of the legendary Hideo Kojima, and it boasts the acting skills of some of the best performers in the business, including Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. In Death Stranding, players take on the role of what is essentially a post-apocalyptic delivery man, but there’s so much more depth to this story.

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It’s a game that simply has to be experienced to be understood, as the basic story itself is relatively confusing and ambitious. In the world the player explores, he will have to face time-traveling rain, unseen demonic creatures, and human enemies who relentlessly pursue the protagonist, eager to steal his cargo. There are some incredibly unique features in this game, such as a baby strapped to the player’s chest that acts as an early warning system for unseen creatures. When disturbed, baby cries through the DualShock 4’s built-in speaker, making for an incredibly frightening experience.

3 Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 was released in 2021, six years after its predecessor, dying light. It took what the first game did so well and multiplied it, adding a bigger and more diverse world and plunging the dying light story in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in its own right. It also introduced a more terrifying environment, drawing inspiration from the first title and focusing intensely on what made it really creepy.

In Dying Light 2, darkness plays a huge role in the game’s internal mechanics. When players explore the open world at night, they’ll be sitting on the edge of their seat, barely able to see what’s going on but knowing in their hearts that they’re surrounded of danger. There are close quarters environments, filled with powerful and infected creatures, absolutely littered with jumpscares, that players just have to to have to explore.

2 The last of us

The last of us came out in 2013 and irrevocably changed the face of the post-apocalyptic genre. It would go on to become one of the most award-winning games in history, with a star-studded cast, a dramatic and superbly written story, and a deeply realistic and terrifying world that is both thrilling and unnerving. In The last of usa violent parasitic infection known as Cordyceps has swept the world, wiping out most of the population and turning many of those who remain into crazed, nearly undead creatures.

At its very base, The last of us is something of a survival title, giving players limited resources to help them on their journey. It’s built around a world that’s inherently threatening, and in some cases the best course of action is to painstakingly run through an entire section of the game, heart pounding, desperately trying to avoid making a noise. It’s undoubtedly one of the scariest post-apocalyptic games out there, but it’s also a beautiful and haunting experience.

1 Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is an iconic staple of post-apocalyptic stakes, often seen by some critics as the genre-defining game. It was released in 2008 and served as Bethesda Game Studios’ entry into the To fall franchise, and it was arguably the scariest To fall title fans have never known. It was the first To fall title playable in first and third person, immersing the player like never before and bringing them face to face with the terrors of the apocalypse.

In the horror-strewn world of DC Wasteland, players have encountered 3D renderings of terrifying and mutated creatures. They’ve been forced to explore a world devastated by nuclear apocalypse, with a threat looming around every corner. There were dark subway tunnels, densely populated with raspy ghouls, and abandoned buildings occupied by bloodthirsty raiders just waiting for the chance to take pieces from an unsuspecting explorer.

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