The television series “Eragon” in preparation at Disney +

The classic children’s novel Eragon could come to Disney +: the streamer is in the early stages of development of a television series based on the Inheritance cycle books by Christophe Paoliniour sister Variety reports.

Eragon is the first installment in the four-part novel series, which tells the story of a farm boy named Eragon, who discovers a dragon egg. When King Galbatorix discovers the egg, he sends his minions to acquire it, forcing Eragon and the dragon Saphira to flee their hometown with a storyteller named Brom, who is part of an extinct group called the Dragon Riders.

Paolini will co-write the potential TV series, which would mark the second attempt at an adaptation after the 2006 film starring Ed Speleers (as Eragon), Rachel Weisz (as the voice of Saphira), Jeremy Irons (as Brom) and John Malkovich (as Galbatorix).

Ready for some newer nuggets? Good…

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