Thriller movie for Arun vijay after 7 years???

Arun Vijay has acted in a lot of movies lately. Each film is ready to be launched. Now, the trailer for her elephant movie starring Priya Bhavani Shankar made with the help of director Hari has been released and is getting the right response.

Now Arun Vijay has signed straight to a super mega celebrity inside 2d to be a part of the magnificent blockbuster mystery. This is the first ghost film starring Arun Vijay in Tamil cinema.

Already in 2015, R ajay Gyanamuthu wrote and directed the splendid hit mystery ‘Demandy Colony’ starring Arulnithi. Arulniti became followed with the help of Ramesh Tilak, Sanath and many others. ajay Gyanamuthu plans to make a sequel to the film as Demonty Colony has been well acquired thanks to the help of reviews and critics.

Fans have been talking about it for a long time on social media. arun vijay is now downsized for this movie. Filming is ready to start as soon as possible. The film is scripted, scripted and directed with the help of ajay Gyanamuthu and co-directed with the help of venky Venugopal.

While Tamil fanatics have been watching Dimandi Colony 2 for 7 years, Arulnidhi who played the lead role in the first movie as part of Dimandi Colony is ready to co-super mega stardom with Arun Vijay.

Ajay Gyanamuthu had said in a recent interview that the second part of the film could be the sequel to the story of the first film, Demonty Colony, which tells the story of about 4 friends who are killed with the help of a demon. in a house.

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