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Michel Le and his family, Tina, Tiffany, Daniel and Jonathan brought their addicting content to a new Facebook series produced by Brat TV, The Shluv family!

The 11-episode series gives fans a glimpse into the internet’s beloved family as they embark on various challenges.

From a lie detection test to a pizza making contest, each episode offers something for everyone to enjoy.

And while having a reality TV series on Facebook and Instagram may be new territory for the viral group, creating content together is something they know well. The Shluv Family TikTok Page, a common TikTok account where everyone in the family collaborates on content, has a staggering 11.6 million subscribers.

In an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets, Michael explained that working together as a family is the secret sauce to being one of the most favorite families on the internet. He shared that his favorite part of working with his mom and siblings on this new series was how comfortable it felt.

I would say comfort. Like, it’s not like I’m meeting someone for the first time and then there’s some kind of false vibe or like it’s not that comfortable, ”said Michael. “We all kind of have to work well with each other to do well, I guess. Being able to do this show with my family is like, well, that was kinda cool because you know we’re family.

Fans have proven they love the family aspect of the group. While Michael explained that working as a family is the key to success, he also revealed that it comes with challenges. Michael explained that the biggest learning curve while filming is working with his younger brothers Daniel and Johnathan.

Certainly the children, the children being the children, ”said Michael. “You know, sometimes they don’t want to do something. We’re just like, “Hey, just shoot that last, that last interview. Or this and that, you know? So we make it work. We make it work.

Make it work and work together, The Shluv family offers authentic content to love. Each episode captures the real reactions of the family on different challenges or obstacles, even the ones that are not so pleasant!

Fans got to see this element in action when mom Tina Le was forced to hold a snake alive in episode one, “Family Gets a Personal Zoo.”

“I am terrified of animals,” Tina said. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this; I don’t think I can do that “, and then they tell me” You have to do it “and I’m like” Oh my God. The parts where I was literally shaking, like I was crying because of the snake. I was crying, I was shaking, but they didn’t put this part. I mean, they didn’t take the shake off my legs. My whole body was shaking because I was so scared. These are like all real reactions.

Celeb Secrets sat down (virtually) with the Shluv family to learn more about the collaboration on this new reality series. In the full video below, the group showcase their favorite episode, work together, and what’s next for the ultra-viral group.

Fans can watch all 11 addicting episodes at The Shluv family The Facebook page. Don’t forget to tell us what you think The Shluv family by leaving a reaction or sending us a tweet @celebsecrets.

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