What Apple Studios’ Thriller Pitt and Clooney Win Means for the ‘New Hollywood’


Hollywood’s favorite board game – predicting future mergers, acquisitions and consolidations – has been temporarily upended by Apple Studios announcing victory in a fierce battle for Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s next star vehicle.

Jon Watts, having achieved a tremendous streak of Tom Holland accomplishments in his first two Spider-Man films, while also being the filmmaker behind the highly anticipated third chapter, Spider-Man: No Path Home, will lead the Pitt-Clooney collaboration.

Brad Pitt, recently Oscar winner for his work in Quentin Tarantino’s film Once upon a time in hollywood and George Clooney, two-time Oscar winner as an actor (Syrian) and producer (Argo) has already teamed up once in the ocean 11, a remake of a popular Frank Sinatra / Rat Pack heist film.

Pitt’s track record speaks to a shrewd instinct to know what the general public wants and to deliver.

By sharing the screen with other beloved and Oscar-winning talents such as Leonardo Di Caprio in Tarantino’s reimagining of the Manson Family Murders, and Clooney in Crowd Pleasure ocean 11, Pitt’s choices are reminiscent of other great on-screen bro-romances of yesteryear, namely the priceless couples of Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the two Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and The bite, collaborations that came out in 1969 and 1973, respectively.

Sadly, Newman and Redford never collaborated again and none of the superstars ever found the pleasure and pleasure of working “buddy mode” with other actors and actresses in such a magical way, despite artistic and commercial triumphs. massive solo.

Apple, with a market capitalization of $ 2,350.69 billion, has made steady progress in the streaming war, with award-winning and highly engaging content.

Less than two weeks ago, Apple TV + ‘s most successful streaming comedy, Ted Lasso, cleaned up the Emmys, scoring seven wins, including Best Comedy Series.

With the partnership of the main Hollywood talent agencies (CAA and ICM, two of the biggest in the industry, surprising everyone with their merger) and the streaming senior, Netflix

, announcing its intention to produce 80 feature films a year, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict the sequel and which entertainment giant will emerge as the most stable, enduring and reliable in the months and years to come.

Gone are the days when legacy studios like Warner Bros., Paramount, Columbia, and Universal fought exclusively for the next big title or franchise.

Today, instead, we expect to learn how Amazon, Apple, or Netflix triumphed in the fight for Hollywood’s next big thing.

The production of content in the form of series, feature films, documentaries and reality shows has exploded in the United States and around the world, as each of these mega-companies seeks to crush the other, to spend more. than competition and finally to emerge in the lead, in a company that will find it difficult to justify uncontrollable expenses for much longer.

What’s the end of the game?

Companies with the largest market caps and the most diverse income (companies that are not entirely dependent on entertainment content and distribution) – – Apple and Amazon

– – seem in the best position to sweep and make more history as soon as possible, either by acquiring one of their main competitors (The Walt Disney Company

, Comcast

NBC-Universal, WarnerMedia) or by merging with Netflix.

Not so long ago, it was unthinkable that stars of the magnitude of Pitt and Clooney would ever appear in content created and owned by a digital platform, let alone together.

This assumption – – that streaming is somehow “under” the actors of Foxx, Streep, DiCaprio, Pitt, Clooney, DeNiro, Colman, Berry and countless other prestige and A-list power – has been shattered. by the early successes forged by Will Smith (Netflix’s Shiny) and Sandra Bullock (Netflix’s Bird box.)

Is it also unthinkable that Apple could soon own The Walt Disney Company, or that Amazon could soon own Warner Media?

If you’d asked me if Brad Pitt and George Clooney would star together in a streaming service movie even two years ago, I’d probably bet against it.

Apple’s announcement of this pairing will likely flicker like a small flame compared to bigger stories about to set in, like a California wildfire, sooner than we think.

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