What happened in the first series of The Secrets She Keeps? BBC’s kidnapping thriller returns for a second run

Two years after captivating millions of viewers week after week, thriller The Secrets She Keeps returns to the BBC on Saturday night.

However, the news that the tense drama was returning to television left many facing the same problem; they couldn’t remember what happened the last time. Set in Australia, The Secrets She Keeps, inspired by a real-life kidnapping in the UK, debuted on BBC1 in the summer of 2020.

The news that it was returning to screens came as a bit of a shock to viewers, then as they saw how imminent the Series 2 premiere was, they tried to remember how it all went down. the last time, many not remembering the ins and outs. of the plot and how things ended.

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The cast of The Secret She Keeps is led by very familiar faces, Laura Carmichael of Downtown Abbey and if you need a recap of what happened the first time around, look no further.

What happened in the first series of Secret She Keeps?

A teaser for the first series of The Secrets She Keeps read: “Everyone has an idea of ​​what their ‘perfect’ life is. For Agatha, it’s Meghan Shaughnessy’s.

“These two women from two very different backgrounds have one thing in common: explosive secrets that could destroy everything they hold dear. Both are risking everything to hide the truth, but their worlds are about to collide in one act. shocking that cannot be undone.”

Developing this, Agatha, played by downtown icon Laura, became obsessed with influencer Meghan, who runs a ‘mummy’ blog. Meghan was expecting a child, while Agatha faked her own pregnancy, struggling to come to terms with the demons of her own past.

After growing closer to Megan with a clear ulterior motive in mind, Agatha becomes increasingly obsessed with her life and ends up plotting to steal Megan’s newborn baby, Ben, from the hospital, which she ends up crossing, after disguising herself and having managed to access the maternity ward to take the child.

The secret she keeps

Robbed from hospital shortly after birth and without the required medical attention, the baby boy fell ill, with Agatha refusing to take him to the doctor. It emerged that Agatha gave birth to a stillborn baby girl and gave up another child for adoption, as well as being linked to three previous baby kidnappings.

With Agatha also lying to her boyfriend Hayden, there was a tense conclusion and, after coming face to face with Megan, Agatha is left in the crosshairs of the police, with viewers wondering if she took her own life after a shot rang out as she held a gun to her head.

Aside from the kidnapping of baby Ben, Megan’s life was far from perfect, with her husband Jack having an affair and her also betraying him by having her own affair with a man named Simon.

Simon demanded a paternity test and, in an attempt to keep his indiscretions a secret, Megan swapped baby Ben’s DNA sample with one taken from one of her other children.

Rather than kill herself, Agatha had been shot in the arm by police and was seen put behind bars before the credits played.

All up to date? Well, a preview of The Secrets She Keep Series 2 Episode 1 reads: “Two years after Agatha kidnapped Meghan’s baby Ben, it’s time for Agatha to stand trial before a Meghan, Jack and their entire family tried to move on as best they could, but their lives remained deeply impacted by the trauma.

“A young investigative reporter, eager to tell Agatha’s story, is stalking Meghan for information.”

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