What is the Belgian thriller series Two Summers about?

two summers is about to become your latest obsession as the Belgian thriller series begins streaming on Netflix today.

June is off to a great start on the streaming service with several new dramas dropping today, including The perfect mother, Survive the summer and As the crow fliesas well as Elsa Pataky’s action movie Interceptor.

If you are someone who likes shows like Who killed Sarah? or Showtime The casethen two summers should be right up your alley. The series revolves around a group of friends who get together for a vacation and discover that someone wants to make them pay for something that happened decades before.

Synopsis of Two Summers

Based on Netflix’s trailer and brief synopsis, two summers focuses on the aftermath of sexual assault. A member of a group of friends assaulted another when they were younger and now, 30 years later, someone wants revenge.

The trailer shows a group of adults enjoying a lavish vacation when video of the incident resurfaces, followed by threatening text and photos. Everything that happened in the past will not stay buried any longer. Given the title of the show, we can assume that the first attack happened during the “first” summer, in 1992.

It doesn’t look like Netflix has released the trailer on YouTube, but you can watch it from the show’s official page on Netflix’s website.

two summers with An Miller, Marieke Anthoni, Tom Vermeir, Lukas Bulteel, Herwig Ilegems, Bjarne Devolder, Inge Paulussen, Louise Bergez, Kevin Janssens, Tijmen Govaerts, Ruth Becquart, Tine Roggeman, Koen De Bouw, Vincent Van Sande, Felix Meyer and Sanne Samina Hanssen.

As one would expect given the content of the show, it is TV-MA rated for fear, language, sex, nudity, sexual violence and smoking.

two summers is streaming now on Netflix.

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