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There’s been a lot of hype around the upcoming miniseries Irma Vepa remake of a 1996 film starring Maggie Chung and led by Olivier Assayas, who returns to helm this current series. Known for its meta commentary on French cinema and Chung’s signature black outfit as the titular character, the original Irma Vep has become hugely popular in recent years, including an addition to the coveted Criterion Collection midway through last year, which paved the way for HBO to greenlight this eight-episode limited series.

It follows a disgruntled movie star, played by Alicia Vikander, troubled by the direction of her career and love life. She traveled to France to play leather-clad criminal Irma Vep in a remake of a silent-era classic, The vampiresbut as the production begins to falter and her personal issues come to the fore, her reality and that of the film begin to intertwine, as she begins to find herself entwined in a real-life crime thriller.


But who can we expect to see? And who will play them? Read on to find out the cast and characters of Irma Vep.

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Alicia Vikander as Mira Harberg

Mira is the main character of the series and the “movie within the series”, The Vampires. She is an American actress who played a role in a French production in an effort to advance her career. She is also keen to leave behind a recent tabloid scandal that plagued her.

Vikander is a much-loved, award-winning Swedish actress, with an Oscar and multiple Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations to her name. Since his film debut in PureVikander has gone from strength to strength, with the highlight of his career being an Oscar-winning turn in 2015 The Danish Girl as a painter Gerda Wegener, the wife of Lili Elba, one of the first recipients of gender reassignment surgery. Other notable appearances include Ex-Machina, The man from UNCLE, Jason Bourne, and Lara Croft in grave robber.

Adria Arjona as Laurie

Laurie is Mira’s ex-assistant and ex-lover, who meets Mira again in Paris as she takes on her role in Les Vampires, which ends up rekindling their old feelings. Although things didn’t end well the first time around with Mira, with the two in the same town, anything could happen for Laurie.

Adria Arjona is an up-and-coming actress who has turned a string of small television roles into a burgeoning film career. First roles in person of interest, real detective, and Narcos eventually gave way to support gigs in Pacific Rim: Uprising and Triple Frontieras well as a starring role in this year’s edition Morbius. She has also been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Disney+ A thug prequel series Andor.

Carrie Brownstein as Zelda

Zelda is Mira’s agent, who suggests that she turn down the role in The Vampires and instead take on many of the more lucrative acting roles that have been offered to her. Although Mira is unhappy with her career so far and is looking for greater artistic risks, it seems that Zelda is happy with the status quo.

Most people can recognize Carrie Brownstein as one of the main players in Portlandia alongside longtime Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen. However, Brownstein got her start as a musician in the mid-1990s, primarily as the lead guitarist in an indie rock band. Sleater Kinney. Beyond that, her acting roles have included roles in Transparent, Caroland Calm your enthusiasmwhile co-writing and starring in the 2020 mockumentary The hostel from nowhere.

Tom Sturridge as Eamonn

Mira’s ex-boyfriend Eamonn shows up in Paris as she shoots Irma Vep. He’s also in town for production and possibly looking to reconnect. Adding to Mira’s woes, this is the first time she’s seen Eamonn since their breakup, and it could prove difficult for both of them.

Tom Sturridge is a popular English actor with a background in film, television and theatre. As a child actor, Sturridge made guest appearances in films such as Being Julia, The boat that rockedand Velvet circular sawhe has two Tony Award nominations and will star in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Sand seller.

Fala Chen as Cynthia Keng

Young actress from Hong Kong, Cynthia Keng should play alongside Mira in Irma Vep. She is handpicked by René Vidal to play the sensual accomplice of Irma Vep’s shenanigans within her gang. However, it is unclear how production issues and Rene’s struggles will affect him.

Just like his character, Fala Chen is an actress who has only recently made her breakthrough with Western audiences. After graduating from the Juilliard School in the United States, she eventually returned to Asia to work in several Hong Kong television series and films, including No regrets, Lives of omission, and Turningas well as a Cantonese actress for Despicable Me 3. She made her first Hollywood appearance in the HBO series The defeat and ended up playing in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Devon Ross as Revina

Revina is Mira’s cinema-obsessed assistant. Still employed by Mira, she will soon be directing her first feature film. Identifying with her obsession with cinema, the actress who plays her, Devon Rossdescribes her as “so out there”.

This is the first acting role for Ross, who has already carved out a long modeling career. Described by British Vogue as “the coolest model currently climbing the ladder”, she is notably behind campaigns for labels such as Simone Rocha, Erdem, valentine, and Valentino Beauty. She plans to move into acting full-time, although that remains to be seen – although she might be one to watch if her role in Irma Vep is well considered.

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Byron Bowers as Herman

Herman is an American filmmaker who traveled to France to promote his latest work. Due to the problems plaguing the production, Herman ends up taking over from René on the set of The Vampires. While he may not be fully prepared for this, his presence should stabilize the ship.

Byron Bower is a comedian, writer, and actor who has written and starred in a variety of television shows in the United States, including The Eric André show and Adam DeVine House Party. He has also appeared on late night talk shows such as The Pete Holmes Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!in addition to a voice role in NBA 2K18. Her transition to film included appearances in honey boyand the Steven Soderbergh film No sudden movement.

Vincent Macaigne as Rene Vidal

René Vidal is a French director who, in a very meta twist, is directing a remake of a film he previously directed, turning it into a series. Although he is a talented artist, he struggles under the weight of the project and, due to budget issues, he may end up having to compromise on his vision.

French actor, director and writer Vincent Macaigne plays Rene, who has worked extensively in French theater and cinema. After suffering two strokes at the age of 31, Macaigne went on to receive César nominations for directing and acting for his roles in What we’ll leave behind and The Deja-Vu Meeting respectively. With an intense and unconventional look, some critics hailed it as “the next Gérard Depardieu.”

Irma Vep airs Monday, June 6 on HBO Max.

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