With Psychological Thriller Books, the novel acts like a predator. They are the best.


For some readers, a novel that is simply enjoyable or stimulating is not enough. They don’t just wanna romance. Or just horror. Or real crime. They don’t even want just the best. No, these readers, they love to be laughed at at their novels – deceived, delighted, grieved, guessing until the very last page. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Psychological thrillers offer one of the most captivating reading experiences available. These novels are the predator and the helpless readers are the prey, caught in their spell of sweaty palms and hallucinations. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites, which illustrate the best that this depraved genre can offer, as well as the wide variety of stories writers can tell in this familiar setting. While psychological thrillers often lend themselves to stories of crime and criminally insane, this is not always the case. (To take Rebecca, for example, a psychological thriller where the disorder is perfectly garden variety. Seeing a character slip away, no matter what the cause, is all the fun.) opioid crisis and the racist criminal justice system, can cause disintegration of the mind.

Read on for ten of our favorite psychological thrillers – and if you need a palate cleanser afterwards, don’t worry. We have you covered here too.

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