Writer talks about “Point Break” sequels series

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Thirty years later, Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 thriller “Point Break” remains a hallmark of the action genre, a film full of iconic lines and scenes combined with a well-aged respect for its solid cinematic foundations.

In the 2000s, we started talking about a sequel called “Point Break: Indo”, but nothing came of it. Instead, all we got was the dreadful remake of 2015 and countless other movies and franchises that lifted whole beats from the creation of Bigelow.

Recently, W. Peter Iliff, the writer of the original film with Jack Ryan’s second feature film “Patriot Games” and football drama “Varsity Blues”, appeared on the Script Apart podcast (via Slashfilm) and revealed that ‘he had written a potential “Point Pause” television show.

Specifically, he indicates that the series would revolve around Johnny Utah’s daughter (Keanu Reeves), a young woman who is an Olympic snowboarder who damages her knee, takes an extreme route involving fast cars and addiction, and years later, she sobered up. and is now an FBI agent:

“Johnny Utah is missing. His body has not been found. It is [been reported] dead for years. There is a mystery surrounding where he is, and you are going to find out – he is not dead. There is a bigger story evolving around that, as she gets involved in this eco-terrorist movement, which of course is now a big thing.

There are two sides to the movement. There are those who are trying to get companies to do what it takes to save our planet. And there are those who will put a gun in their hands and perhaps rob a bank to fund their most violent approach. The FBI is after these people. She’s sent to infiltrate this group and it’s the same [question as in ‘Point Break’]: which side of the badge are you on? “

Her foil, the Swayze to her Reeves, is a solo climber named Cyprus. Iliff admits that the poor reception of the 2015 remake didn’t work well enough to spur backer Alcon Entertainment to look into a series of sequels.

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